Latest Updates

Site still in beta phase but hopefully we have something interesting for you.
You can check how to create an NFT marketplace and start earning.
11-26-2004 Launched Website!
Site still in beta phase but hopefully it will be finished within the next week.
11-27-2004 Added four software titles.
Posted two previously unreleased developer tools and two new graphic related programs. Enjoy!
11-29-2004 New Developers Section Added!
Contains several advanced examples of visual basic code.
12-05-2004 More sections added
Posted a fully functioning forum and several sites to the links page. Been slacking on finishing the sections of the site as I've been working on a couple new programs.
12-12-2004 New: Circular Oscilliscope Code
Added an example on how to create a graphical circular oscilliscope.
12-13-2004 Program Update Progress
I've started development on a new version of GIFeq with two new powerful features! Coming soon...
12-21-2004 New: Realtime Fireworks Code
Learn to create fast realtime effects by accessing image data quickly.
01-19-2005 GIFeq 1.1 released!
A little delayed but the new version is complete. Contains two new powerful features as well as a help file.
03-24-2005 IconLab setup updated
For those of you non-WinXP users having trouble with the setup. Gdiplus.dll has been included in the setup.
04-01-2005 Resource Capture 1.0.7 released!
At last a single file mode has been added for those who requested it.
04-20-2005 GIFeq 1.2 released!
Added more image file support for palette tool.
03-16-2006 Back from the dead
Been without web access for quite a while, but I'm back and plan to stay that way. Two new games are up for grabs. They've been collecting dust on my hardrive for many months. I'm also getting ready to release a programmer's toolkit for Visual Basic developers, packed with all kinds of useful programs. Also don't be afraid to utilize the forum, I know it gets very little use, but I do check it on a daily basis and willing to answer any programming related questions.
About the Site

Wildfire Software Design is dedicated to bringing you quality freeware products, while at the same time offering code and help forums covering advanced topics.

Wildfire provides a large library of Visual Basic code, with examples of just about everything out there from Data Processing, Networking, and ActiveX to Image Manipulation and Audio Processing code.

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